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Singer Aneesha releases her new single ‘Just Want You’

CultureSinger Aneesha releases her new single ‘Just Want You’

When a former child psychologist takes time off from her busy life to pursue her passion for singing and music production, the audience must sit up and take notice. Aneesha Dass, the person in question, recently released her new single titled ‘Just Want You’, which has been written and composed by her, and produced by Aneesha, Utkarsh Verma and Denis Thomas. This English pop song was released on January 13.
‘Just Want You’ is the ninth original single that Aneesha has released over the last few years during which time, she has been consistently performing all over the country. She is also a voiceover artist among her other talents, and is currently based out of Goa.
“I’ve been focussing on my voice as my primary instrument, and have been training for the last three years. In that time, I’m proud of having performed at many premiere venues, festivals, corporate and private events in Delhi such as at the American Embassy, Zomaland 2, BMW, The Piano Man, Home Delhi, among others. In 2020, I put out my first piece of original music, and since then I have released music with collaborators like Kenzani and Tech Panda, Pranay Parti, Aman Sagar and many others,” she says.
Aneesha is inspired by artists like Lauren Hill, Sade, The Internet, Sinead Harnett, Her, Banks, Litany, Tora and others, and she is working on developing her sonic identity in the genres of Pop, RnB and Electronic music.
An interesting feat of hers is the fact that she has independently created her music over two years. She released a music video for her new single ‘Inside Out’, as well as sophomore EP called 12:12, and has multiple releases planned for this year. Aneesha has also been featured in the best music publications in India including Indian Music Diaries, Rock Street Journal, Outlook India, New Indian Express, and others, and has been playlisted multiple times in lists like Electronic in India, New Music Friday India, and Women of Indie India on Apple Music, Spotify India, Amazon music and YouTube music India.
Her versatility as an artist shows in her recent exploration of indie dance and disco music with collaborator Konark Sikka and through her proficiency in writing Hindi lyrics. She prefers writing music that is influenced by a global sound created by strong women in the genres of Pop, RnB and the electronic scene.
Originally from Delhi, Aneesha’s sultry voice and catchy music have made her popular in a short span of time. These are also the qualities that most stand out in her new Synth Pop single, ‘Just Want You’. She explains, “While the song is relatable in its discussion on monogamy and commitment in today’s world, the mood it creates transports you into a zone of desire, passion and temptation. I started writing this melodic masterpiece two years ago, inspired by a close friend’s relationship. My own ambivalence on the topic of relationships and societal norms urged me to write this piece from a female perspective. Along with my co-producers, Utkarsh Verma and Denis Thomas, I created a sensual soundscape to complement my vocals alongside percussive and melodic elements that create a memorable piece.”
She signs off with, “Just Want You is much more than a simple catchy and danceable tune. It is an experience that invokes passion and walks the listener through a whirlpool of emotions experienced by young people in the world today.” There is no doubt that Aneesha’s versatility and raw talent make her an artist to watch for.

Noor Anand Chawla pens lifestyle articles for various publications and her blog

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