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House of Tuneman’s Bombay Bustle makes a mark

House of Tuneman’s Bombay Bustle makes a mark

Tech house lovers will be happy to hear of the latest release by musician House of TUNEMAN. ‘Bombay Bustle’ is described as “a vibrant fusion of Indian flavours and tech house grooves.” Produced by House Of TUNEMAN, and mixed and mastered by Audiosol, with a vibrant and trippy video by Artmantra, this song has been making waves ever since its recent release.

Karan Dhingra aka House Of TUNEMAN is a Delhi-based house music producer and DJ, who released his first track in April 2020. His strongest suit lies in the creation of fusion music which contains hints of deep house, Afro and tech house music. As a prolific and popular DJ, he has hundreds of shows across India under his belt. He claims the influence for his DJing and music production to be his varied travel experience and exposure to an international music scene which he garnered by attending festivals in 22 nations worldwide. 

Apart from making music, Dhingra also organizes, co-hosts and consults for mid to large scale house and techno events at some of the best night clubs in Delhi like Soho, Playboy, and also Olive group and Monkey Bar outlets around India.

Since starting out in 2020, he has released 19 tracks and been signed on by three European music labels as well as an Indian music label, which has helped him grow his audience base around the world. Dhingra’s track ‘Forest Humms’ (released on Windhorse Records) has been praised by some of the biggest artists in the community including Nick Warren, Sabo Nyc – the owner of Sol Selectas Records, Maxximum Radio, Bill Brewster, John Lemmon of Balanced Records and more. His tracks are frequently featured in some of the most popular techno pages around the world, such as Sound of Techno, Techno Institution, Rave Girls, Techno by Gas and others. His featured tracks have collectively garnered millions of views on featuring pages, and been played by artists like Goldcap and Sabo in countries like the US, Indonesia, Turkey, and more. “Bombay Bustle’s concept is inspired by the fast-moving, chaotic, yet fun and colourful life in Mumbai. Even though its base genre is tech house, the track has layers of Indian instruments like Bhagpang, Tabla and Morsing accompanied by Carnatic vocals delivering a smooth fusion sound. A few Afro essential sounds like Doshru, Inhaca and Gorongosa have also been added to give it more of a groove and world music vibe. This eclectic mix paints a vivid sonic picture that transports listeners into the heart of Mumbai’s fast-paced and dynamic lifestyle,” he says in an exclusive chat with Sunday Guardian.

He continues “The video, directed by Artmantra, showcases the quintessential elements of Mumbai. There are Mumbai local trains, lavani dancers, Bollywood posters, double decker buses, glimpses of Ganesh Chaturthi, and other famous Mumbai landmarks accompanied by an AI version of myself performing.” The idea, according to him, was to present a new style of Indian electronic music for audiences around the world.

The track ‘Bombay Bustle’ represents a visionary effort to introduce a fresh style of Indian electronic music to a global audience. House Of TUNEMAN’s background, passion and ability allow him to seamlessly blend different cultural influences with contemporary beats, making this track a memorable one that transcends boundaries. This melodic and upbeat amalgamation of Indian traditions and electronic sounds is an infectious and fun auditory and visual journey into the vibrant heart of Mumbai. The musician ends by saying, “I hope that ‘Bombay Bustle’ leaves an indelible mark on the electronic music landscape globally. I invite everyone to listen to it and enjoy its foot tapping beat.” ‘Bombay Bustle’ is available on all leading music streaming platforms including Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music, Gaana and others.

Noor Anand Chawla pens articles for various lifestyle publications and her blog

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