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The Indian gaming industry is beginning to find its feet. The country now has its own full-scale gaming event: India Gaming Show 2017, which began on 2 February in the national capital.  The India Gaming Show was organised by the Confederation of Indian Industry, and supported by the Ministry of Electronics, Information and Technology. The event opened up new paths to an ideal market for gaming companies across the globe.

The event encompassed segments like video games, consoles, mobile gaming, VR experience, cosplay and more for Indian gamers.  The event also provided business, networking and partnering opportunities for the community of developers. The event was spread across 6,000sqm and had more than 50 exhibitors from around six countries with Japan as partner country and Korea as guest country. The event also had an exclusive showcase of latest technology and products for professional gamers.

Japan being the lead partner in the event also broought along a whole host of activities aimed to invigorate the Indian gaming scene. Japanese developers such as SEGA, Konami, Square Enix, Namco provided visitors with a unique insight into the latest of what each developer has to offer. Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence were showcased as innovative technologies. The visitors were treated with various performances ranging from anime, music, and TV media that  were inspired  by Japanese pop culture. A special cosplay competition was organized by Japan, and the winners  are to  be taken to the Tokyo Games Show.

All in all, this was an unconventional expo. India Gaming Show 2017 not only served as a platform for video game developers and console manufacturers but also threw the spotlight on the other niches present within the gaming realm. Of these, one is eSports. For eSport fans, an exhibition tournament was held over the four days and DOTA 2, CS:GO, Clash Royale, were some of the many games played at the event. eSports teams such as Entity Esports, Brutality, made their presence felt at the event. Gaming fans also got a golden opportunity to meet some of the best professional gamers from the international circuit who arrived in India as ambassadors for competitive gaming.

Some of the major participants from the technology world were Samsung India, Asus, Hyperx, Twitch and Zepetto who were seen showcasing their products at the event. Indian Gaming Show hosted an exhibition eSports tournament. The exhibition tournament featured individual as well as team games. Games played at the echibition included CS:GO, DOTA 2, Clash Royale, StreetFighter 6 and FIFA 17.

It was a multi-platform event and featured both teams as well as individual games, thereby giving the audience an opportunity to experience the different flavours of competitive gaming at one venue.

In addition to the Games played at eSports Arena, India Gaming Show featured games like Pierce2Blow, Batman Arkham, Resident Evil, Final Fantasy, Tomb Raider and Dragon Quest to name a few.

To ensure that this event was a memorable one for both the enthusiasts as well as newcomers, some of the best teams and players in India were invited to participate in this four-day event.

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