Each month the menstrual cycle brings mood swings, pain, discomfort, fear of staining, but also relief. After all, it is a sign that all is well with her body.

Today an average woman uses 11,000-17,000 sanitary napkins in her lifetime. If you are a woman, you will spend roughly 6.25 years wearing a pad. Which begs the question:does your sanitary pad really deserve your confidence?

Regular pads in the market are made of 90% plastics. This means they block airflow to your vagina, which can be a direct cause of cervical cancer, UTIs, yeast infections, rashes, allergies and painful periods. Most pads are bleached with chlorine, which leads to a toxic byproduct called dioxin. It is a

known carcinogen and cause of endometriosis.It is quite clear that the time for women to find a healthier alternative is right now. But does such an option exist in our country?

Heyday, a new all natural sanitary napkin might just be the answer you seek.

Here with the mission to revolutionise every Indian woman’s period experience. It is a completely organic and biodegradable sanitary napkin made from plant-based fibres of corn and bamboo fibre that has three times the absorbing capacityof cotton. These pads are made using no plastics, bleaches,perfumes, polymers, antibacterial agents and other toxins. They ensure no rashes, allergies, infections, toxins or skin sensitivity. The pads decompose within six months of disposal, which means you stop contributing to the 9000 tonnes of plastic waste that soiled napkins generate every year.