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GetLitt! is an exclusive, go-to space for discovering insights on children’s literature and language topics: Richa Sethi

LifestyleGetLitt! is an exclusive, go-to space for discovering insights on children’s literature and language topics: Richa Sethi

In an interview with G20, Richa Sethi, CEO & Co Founder, GetLitt! talks about an online social platform that helps children discover the world of stories and allows them to share their own world view
Q. In the present world we reside in, social media, Netflix, Amazon Prime etc. What seems to be getting lost in translation is the literary & creative skills. Thus this 3 year start up is truly cutting-edge present & future. How did it evolve GetLitt!?
My own experience as a parent struggling to bring active reading to my home became the catalyst behind starting GetLitt! Being a booklover, I am aware of the lifelong impact that reading can have on anyone, especially children. I have struggled with questions such as what should I be reading to both my kids, and from where can I easily access contemporary, varied perspective children’s literature that expands their sensibility of the world. Another challenge was how to make them develop the habit of reading. Lack of easy discoverability and accessibility of diverse children’s literature, inadequate reading skills and the absence of an active community around children’s reading were the main points that we decided to address through GetLitt! It is an online social platform that helps children discover the world of stories and allows them to share their own world view. It offers them 1-click access to the best of children’s literature. And we have received enthusiastic response from likeminded children and parents.
Q. Your team is stellar & deep with a combined experience of 20 years plus.  Working with children on reading & writing skills. Share with us in detail how GetLitt! benefits children all over?
The formative years are very important for every child’s learning and acquisition of language skills. Children learn by observing their parents and caregivers. That’s where stories and books play a crucial role in creating a language-rich environment for them. GetLitt! is helping create that environment by providing easy access to a diverse and curated compilation of books to children, parents and educators.
GetLitt! believes in empowering children by giving them the choice to pick up any book, and tools to shape their learning path. It is a space that helps them to discover as well as create stories. In the formative years, children are not concerned with literacy and learning milestones. They just want to have fun and enjoy the company of friends. That’s why GetLitt! uses gamification at the core to make the process of reading and creating stories an exciting one.
Children get Jugnus for every positive action taken by them regarding reading and expression of thoughts. There are ample opportunities for children to engage with stories through book trivia quizzes called Book Dares. They are encouraged to write honest opinions about the books, take part in literary contests and programs. All these activities boost their confidence and provide a consolidated space around stories.
Q. You are around 13,000+ registered users on GetLitt!. Which has translated into 500k plus parents benefiting for their kids. How have you grown so exponentially? Share with us your marketing tools implemented?
GetLitt! is an exclusive, go-to space for discovering more insights on children’s literature and language topics. We have proactively built the platform to bridge gap between the strong need of parents, educators, publishers, authors etc. to learn more about these topics and the lack of available information and insights. We have used content marketing to create visibility for various children’s book titles, answered specific queries related to reading and writing skills through our insightful blog pieces, brought author & illustrator behind-the scene stories to show children how their favourite stories come to life. This has allowed us to create a very engaged community. Our innovative initiatives like Reading Olympiad, Virtual Museum hunt have broken through the clutter and provided wide visibility to the cause of reading and stories.
Q. Is GetLitt! only for children who yearn reading & are creative. What age group are you catering to. What profile of parents have you been able to draw in?
Children are inherently imaginative and all of us have a natural affinity towards stories. This has to be inculcated further to acquire essential life skills of reading and writing. No child can miss out on these and GetLitt! has been created to appeal to all children in the age group of 7 to 14 years. At GetLitt! we have made not just the discovery, access & sharing of stories a simple process but also skilling up in language arts an engaging journey for children.
Q. What are your strategy ahead to plant the seeds of growth of reading & creativity. How are you planning to expand and reach more children. What is your revenue stream?
We have grown steadily since the first year of operation. During the pandemic times, the platform has grown by 5x. Today, parents and schools are focusing on literature and language resources as a medium to engage the children purposefully. We have undertaken various initiatives such as Online Reading Olympiad, Masterclasses, Virtual Museum Hunt, and providing complimentary access to schools etc. We generate revenue through subscription. For our reading subscription which offers access to the curated online library, the subscription starts from Rs 300 per month to Rs 2700 for the annual subscription. We also have our bi-annual unique program titled International Reading Olympiad where we charge a nominal fee of Rs 150 for registration. The aim of this virtual event is to help maximum number of children to benefit from it.
We also organize global initiatives like the Virtual Museum Hunt where children from across the world can engage actively with stories enriched with our heritage. These are achieved in collaboration with our knowledge partners like Dr. Bhau Daji Lad Museum etc. The fee for this programme is just Rs 100 per participant, and children are required to participate in teams of 2 or more members.

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