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Hair serums for healthy hair

LifestyleHair serums for healthy hair

A serum is among the new cosmetic products that have become popular. It is the result of advanced techniques in formulation, because it is in a form that allows better absorption of the product. Both skin and hair serums are available. As far as the hair is concerned, the serum is left on, like a leave-on conditioner and helps to protect the hair. It also makes the hair look healthy and shiny. Therefore, hair serum helps to condition and nourish the hair, improving skin texture and forming a protective cover over the hair.
However, you may be wondering, “What exactly is a serum?” Actually, a serum is in the form of a liquid and is different from a hair conditioner or hair oil. Although, it is not like a conditioner and may not contain oil, it can nourish the hair and add shine. It is light on the hair and makes the hair look more manageable. It also suits people with thin hair.
The molecules in a serum are much smaller than the molecules in a cream. Serums are also lighter in texture and do not make the hair oily. One of the advantages of a serum, is that it is light, easily absorbed and easy to use. Serums do not contain any mineral oil, or pressed oils. They may contain essential oils, which are not really oils. Serums are basically water based and may contain silicon. What actually penetrates the scalp or hair is a concentration of active ingredients.
Serums are made in such a way that they can also deliver ingredients into the deeper layers of the scalp and hair. These ingredients may be plant extracts, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, etc. The active ingredients in the hair serum are more concentrated and have greater impact. Hair Serums are particularly useful for hair that has been exposed to chemical treatments and environmental effects, like hair dyes, hair straighteners, heat treatments, pollutants and sun damage. A serum may also contain ingredients that help to remove dandruff and control hair loss. A hair serum can also contain sunscreens, in order to protect the hair from sun exposure. We have also formulated vitamin-enriched hair serum, specially designed to restore health and shine to the hair. In fact, a hair serum may also help to promote hair growth. Serums containing active ingredients that promote blood circulation to the follicles also help in promoting healthy hair growth.
A serum lasts much longer than a cream or a lotion of the same quantity, because one just needs to use a few drops of serum. For the hair, a serum may be used on wet or dry hair. However, it may be more helpful if used after shampoo, so that the hair is clean and it is also free from hair oil or hair dressing. After shampoo, take a few drops of serum and apply it in the hair lightly. Part the hair and apply the drops without rubbing or massage. You can also apply the hair serum along the length of the hair. Then comb the hair so that it spreads easily. Or, comb the hair first, take a few drops of serum, spread it on both palms and smooth the palms over the hair.

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