What does it take to run a restaurant that stands out in an overly competitive market? The Sunday Guardian spoke to brothers Sharad and Naresh Madan, the co-founders of Delhi’s popular eatery Khubani, to find out.

Q. Tell us about the concept behind Khubani?
A: We wanted to offer a unique dining experience that combines international culinary pleasures with the rich spirit of Persian culture. This led us to create Khubani. Driven by this vision, we designed an ambiance replete with opulent chandeliers and Persian rugs. At Khubani, the first Persian bar in the nation, we wanted our guests to immerse themselves in a world steeped in myth and magic.
Q. What is the USP of Khubani?
A: Our goal is to fuse modernity with Persian wisdom, immersing guests in a world where various civilizations coexist. Our luxurious ambiance includes hand-selected antiques and artefacts from around the world, reflecting the exquisite beauty and craftsmanship of regal Persian culture. We strive to provide diverse and engaging experiences. From mesmerising sufi music and breathtaking fire performances on Arabian evenings, to vivacious Bollywood DJ nights and nostalgic throwbacks with retro dinners, there is always something spectacular happening at Khubani. Our Sunday brunch is a special event, offering a relaxing and enjoyable experience. We schedule a variety of entertaining activities throughout the day, allowing guests to indulge in a lavish brunch. Our specialty cuisine, prepared by our in-house Turkish chefs, provides a gourmet experience unlike any other. The flavours of Turkish food, including delicacies like the delectable 1.5m Adana kebab and desserts like baklava, create an unforgettable gastronomic experience.
Q. What’s next for Khubani?
A: After making a significant impact on Delhi’s nightlife scene, Khubani has expanded its services to cater to the daytime dining market as well. We now offer lunchtime and sundowner meals, which include delicious cuisine, refreshing drinks, and a regal atmosphere, along with daily live music performances. Khubani has redefined the idea of Sunday brunch by offering live food counters, delectable sweets, and authentic Turkish flavours that tantalise the palate. Our entertainment includes stunning aerial acts and appearances by well-known cartoon characters. We also provide fun activities like painting, doll-making, gel art, and stone art. Khubani has evolved into a place that caters to both nightlife enthusiasts and those seeking enjoyable daytime experiences.
A recent addition to our offerings is baklava boxes, which enable our customers to savour this exquisite Turkish dessert at their leisure. With its flaky pastry layers and sweet, hearty flavours, baklava is a popular dessert. Customers can now take this decadent dessert home or gift it to friends, thus extending the dining experience. The introduction of baklava boxes aligns with Khubani’s commitment to offering unique culinary options and creating special experiences for customers.
We are excited about our forthcoming initiatives. We have skilfully incorporated Irish motifs, Mughal and Rajasthani art forms, and traditional Indian crafts into the interior design of a project we are diligently working on at Defence Colony. In terms of growth, we plan to open more outlets soon. While we can’t disclose all the specifics at this time, our primary goal remains the creation of unique locations that showcase a variety of cultural influences and aesthetic trends.
Q. As two brothers running the business together, what is your advice for mixing business with family?
A: As brothers running the business, we understand that disagreements in viewpoints and methods are inevitable. We place a high value on open communication and finding common ground to balance these differing viewpoints. For instance, when we were deciding on the direction of Khubani, one of us favoured continental options for Delhi’s residents, while the other wanted to focus on Turkish cuisine. Eventually, we chose to combine both concepts in our approach. We established a dedicated Turkish kitchen, while also serving delicious dishes from other continents. This compromise allowed us to broaden our customer base and meet varied demands – and it worked well!
The key to balancing different opinions lies in active listening, considering the pros and cons, and striving for consensus. By leveraging the strengths of our ideas and finding creative solutions, we maintain a harmonious working environment. Through effective collaboration, we continue to drive the success of our venture.
Noor Anand Chawla pens lifestyle articles for various publications and her blog

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