As the fashion world is becoming more and more experimental by the day, with designers and more so consumers getting bolder with their options, more fashion driven, more trend updated and conscious about what they want to buy, want to wear and the way they want to look a certain way, designers and brands have too begun to create and churn out outfits from ideas and inspirations that were probably just meant for the ramp walk per say… What we used to find earlier as part of the “hardly able to wear” collection, is now part of “ready to wear” and how! One designer was quoted as saying, “the credit to one of the things that led to such a switch can be the world of social media. A more conscious approach of the consumer and divulgence in meaningful fashion has resulted in fashion itself becoming a story-telling tool. People have now become more fashion conscious, they want to look their best at all times and hence have become more experimental and bolder with their looks.” These days it’s all about picking up the right mix of blends and textiles to come up with something that’s totally on the trend radar and suits your mood.

Embroidered Folk Jacket.

One such print is the tribal print, something that is picking up in the fashion industry as well as in the consumer market. With more and more people becoming aware of the boho or the modern bohemian lifestyle as a way of living, tribal prints have started becoming the new favourite amongst many. Intricate prints take over intricate embroideries as a more functional and wearable alternate. And you’ll find this print not just in the garments, but as part of the home décor as well, with prints and patterns over cushion covers, table mat and runners sets, on rugs and mats as well as on tapestries to deck up your walls. Now talking about being season specific, the current winter season is all about picking the right shade of earthy hue with just the added hint of colour that strikes the perfect balance of colours. Deep mustards, blues and scarlets combine with weathered aubergines and fig hues to form a refreshing colour palette. Add to this a chic border with intricate detailing and patterns, mix of colours, and geometric tribal prints that resonate the tribes of India with a modern twist. Another take to tribal prints are the Ajrakh motif textiles in deeper hues of browns and blacks that are a huge hit among those who want to play it bold but look chic and classy all at the same time. Ajrakh is an age old Indian print and has trickled down the years for designers to work with it and come up with something new and unique every now and then. One little tassel or a tiny cowry shell here and there with silhouettes that complement every body type is all it takes to make the consumer go gaga over the outfit and the combination of prints and colours.

Aubergine Tiered Dress.

The placement of prints and the way the entire garment or the fabric has been put together is also something that makes a lot of difference and how it will respond in the market. Try picking up something that maintains the balance between solids and prints and an additional element of a tassel goes all the way. Vajor’s most recent winter collection “Fakirani Winter Nomads” is inspired by the “Fakirani Jatts” who face droughts and disasters with grace, dignity and not as victims. The collection is bound to make dressing during the chill more bold, something that will make a statement.  For those free-spirited souls, the winter collection, “Fakirani-Winter Nomads, brings layers of a strong, nomadic personality.

Tribe Queen Jacket.

Home décor is another such field where people have started becoming more experimental with their choices and are going for items that have more of prints and patterns on them. This only adds to the vibe of their space, in turn making it more vibrant yet rooted in its appeal. Tribal prints tend to look more appealing in deeper hues with prints that pop out a little. So the next time you shop keeping in mind the tribal print and the trend report high on your mind, you know exactly you are looking for.

The author is a stylist at Vajor