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‘For viable future, let’s adopt earth-friendly way of life’

Lifestyle‘For viable future, let’s adopt earth-friendly way of life’

Anamika Sengupta, founder of Almitra Tattva, and co-founder of Amitra Sustainables, talks to G20 about her endeavours, and the importance of sustainable and ethical business practices. Excerpts:

Q. How did your vision manifest into the reality?

A. I believe that for a better, cleaner, and safer future, it is our responsibility to turn towards mother nature, and adopt a ‘co-existence’ and ‘conscious consumerism’ lifestyle rather than the current ‘hyper-consumerism’ that we have been used to right now. And being Natural is not a skill, rather it’s the easiest thing – to just be yourself! If one operates through their Natural drive, things and growth in life become organic and non-disturbed. Things start falling in place. This sounds very philosophical but is also the key to lead life effortlessly.

Q. How do you promote the relevance of each component?

A. Like is mentioned earlier, my entire effort is to bring people closer to leading as natural and sustainable lifestyles as possible. By creating awareness about the product features and the benefits of the natural ingredients and how they can benefit them as well as the environment, it helps me create a resonance and connect that our customers feel when they spend time on one of our solutions. It’s the feeling of returning to nature but with the comfort of aesthetic and effective design, that is also eco-friendly and indulges in ethical business practices — the win win situation of it all, eventually helps us to build the relevance.

Q. What are your views about a sustainable omni-important viable future at hand?

A. As a champion of a natural and sustainable lifestyle, I believe that adopting an earth-friendly and natural way of life is our only chance of a ‘sustainable’ and ‘viable’ future! The harmful effects of our existing ways are already impacting not just the ecology and climate of the external world but also the health, wellbeing and the chance of a safer future for our children as well! And thus I feel, as a family, a society, an economy, a nation and as the collective human race as a whole, need to move towards creating inclusive, ethical business practices that can benefit the environment as well as the people.

Q. What is revenue stream model you integrate and adhere to?

A. As a proponent of conscious consumerism, we at Almitra believe in organic growth of the business and are grateful for the love and support we have received so far. As mentioned earlier, our aim is to generate awareness and the rest will follow. Also, as a business that supports ethical and inclusive practices, we work closely with local artisans for the manufacturing and then with groups of women — our extended network of friends, who promote and sell our products, especially the babywearing wraps, across the globe, thereby supporting themselves while also spreading the philosophy. We believe in collective growth that is, although organic, is wholesome, and helps change more than just consumer preferences — it helps change perceptions and drive change.

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