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Beware, the sexual abuse of your child could be by a relative or a friend

NewsBeware, the sexual abuse of your child could be by a relative or a friend

Panaji: Sexual abuse of a child is a horrific and heinous crime. Every day in different parts of India cases of child sexual abuse are being reported. Many, however, continue to remain unreported.

The most shocking truth about child sexual abuse in India is that in all child sexual abuse case reported in the country, which is part of the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) data, in 96 percent of the cases, most of the sexual abusers were known to the children. And even more disturbing is the fact that the sexual offender is known to the family.

On analyzing the NRCB 2020 Data on Offenders Relation to Child Victims of POCSO Act (Section 4 & 6) – 2020, it shockingly revealed that most sexual offenders of the minor children were family member, family friends, neighbors or people known to the family and friends, or online friends on the pretext of marriage.

The NCRB data of 28 Indians states and 8 Union territories for Year 2020 revealed that in the category of family friends and neighbor or people known to the family, 11,272 cases were reported. In 2019, the number of cases reported in this category was 12,864, which was a slight drop in the sexual abuse case

Cases reported under the category of Friends and Online Friends were 13,106; which was substantial rise when compared to Year 2019 NCRB data which reported 9685 cases. In the cases category ‘Family Member’ under the NCRB data, there were 2556 cases reported in the Year 2020, while in 2019 this category reported 2153.

Under the category of ‘Unknown’ to victims, NCRB data reveals 1131 cases were reported in this category of sexual offenders. In 2019, sexual abuses cases of minors in which the sexual abuser is unknown to the victims were reportedly 1520 cases.

Of the total number of 28,065 sexual abuse cases reported against minors across India, in 26,934 reported cases the sexual abuser and offender was known the child.

Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh and Tamil Nadu had the most number of sexual abuse cases where the victim knew the sexual abuser. Madhya Pradesh reported 3189 cases, Maharashtra reported 2776 cases, Uttar Pradesh reported 2495 cases and Tamil Nadu reported 2218

Under the Age Profile of Child Victims of POCSO Act (State/UT-wise) – 2020 of the NCRB data. There were 640 cases of sexual abuse crimes on children below the age of six, out of which a shocking 622 were girls and 18 boys. 2540 cases of sexual abuse were reported in the age group 6 to 12 years. Out of which a shocking 2395 were girls and 145 were boys. In the age group 12 to 16-years, 11029 sexual abuse cases were reported. Out of which 10949 were girls and 80 were boys.

When we compare this to Under the Age Profile of Child Victims of POCSO Act (State/UT-wise) – 2019 of the NCRB data. There were 709 cases of sexual abuse crimes on children below the age of six, 2627 sexual abuse cases committed on children between the age of 6 to 12-years, and 9415 cases of sexual abuse under POCSO on children between the age of 12 to 16-years. Reportedly, below the age of six, 686 victims were girls and 23 boys.

Between the age of 6 and 12-years, 2514 were girls and 113 were boys. Between the age group of above 12 to 16-years, 9318 were girls and 97 were boys.

According to the NCRB data more girls are reported as sexual abuse victims than boys and in most cases the sexual abusers are known to the victims.

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