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IPAC ready to confront and contain harm to mankind caused by Communist Party of China

NewsIPAC ready to confront and contain harm to mankind caused by Communist Party of China

The writer of this article is one of the best known Chinese human rights activists and dissidents involved in the Chinese democracy movement. The article is exclusive to The Sunday Guardian.


Washington, DC: Under the joint initiative of several legislators from Europe and the United States, the Inter-Parliamentary Alliance on China (IPAC) has been established. It will soon expand and have a significant impact on the common policies of democratic countries. The purpose of this alliance is very clear, that is to contain and confront the harm to all mankind caused by the Communist Party of China.

For many years, under the guidance of Deng Xiaoping and some of his conspirators, the Communist Party of China successfully organized an alliance that united the bourgeoisie all over the world. The lure of selling Chinese workers’ cheap labour attracted large enterprises in democratic countries and suborned politicians and scholars of democratic countries all over the world and of various world organizations into promoting policies favourable to the Communist Party, which defrauded the economic interests and democratic rights of all countries.

In the era of Xi Jinping, these acts of theft and infiltration alone could no longer meet the Communist Party’s ambition to rule the world. The wealth they accumulated by exploiting the Chinese and Western working classes has expanded the Communist Party’s ambition and confidence in subjugating the world. In particular, the success in obtaining money has made the Communist Party believe that the tactic of secretly and openly dealing in corruption is a new invincible magic weapon. In their popular jargon, problems that can be solved with money are not troublesome.

They have gone from threatening and bribing weak and small countries to threatening and bribing medium-sized countries; now it has developed into threatening and bribing big countries. They have gone from threatening and bribing individual scholars and journalists to now threatening and bribing international media conglomerates and major academic institutions. From expelling individual journalists and scholars, they’ve moved on to expelling entire news organizations. They have even begun the open holding of hostages to threaten the governments of developed countries in an attempt to modify those countries’ legal systems. And threaten to change the world order.

From subtle penetration tactics to offensive tactics, it is a new wave of action plan for which the Communist Party has accumulated many years of successful experience. External criticism of the modification of Deng Xiaoping’s policy of “keeping a low profile and biding one’s time” actually was a misunderstanding of his policy. Taking the initiative to defeat opponents is the second stage of the policy of “keeping a low profile and biding one’s time”. The so-called policy of dialogue and peaceful evolution by Western politicians and scholars has overlooked the history of democracy in their own countries. It also was an achievement bought by the alliance of capitalists all over the world. Of course, we cannot rule out scholars who follow the crowds and do not use their brains.

Under this wave of evil and illegal policies, not only is it difficult for individual businessmen, politicians, scholars and journalists to resist, but even the resistance of democratic nations alone is often inadequate. Democratic governments have found it increasingly difficult to protect their interests and civil rights. Not only do the Chinese ridicule the weakness of democracies, but many Western scholars also generally believe that despotism is more effective than democracy.

An important tactic for the success of the malicious tactics of the Communist Party is to target individual countries one by one, divide and conquer, and accumulate small victories into a big victory. Nibbling away their opponents’ space like in the game of “Go” (weiqi). The way to resolve this situation is to unite, implement a common policy, and give full play to the advantages of democracy, freedom and the rule of law. Do not follow the thinking of the Communist Party, but use the legal systems’ protection of human rights and freedom to counter the money offensive of the Communist Party.

The Communist Party’s bribery policy is aimed at the elites and hurts the middle and lower classes. The advantage of democratic politics lies in the awareness of the whole people and the votes of the whole people. Transparency is one of the necessary means of using democratic politics to counter the betrayal of elites. The politics of clandestine operations is a necessary precondition for the infiltration of the Communist Party, and the hidden delivery of benefits is the channel for the success of the Communist Party.

On the other hand, the sharp contradiction between the middle and lower classes of China and the elites’ combination of government and business is the biggest weakness of the dictatorship of the Communist Party. Moreover, the common policy of the Inter-Parliamentary Alliance on China must inevitably include the democratic rights and legal protection for the Chinese people, so as to win the wide support of Chinese society. Especially in the aspects of legal protection and human rights, this has even been recognized by the ruling elite.

A united policy and transparent oversight are the right tactics for ballots to prevail over money. Supporting the rights of the Chinese people is the Achilles’ heel for attacking the autocracy of the Communist Party. The success of IPAC is just around the corner.

Wei Jingsheng is a Chinese human rights activist and writer and winner of the Sakharov Prize, RFK Human Rights Awards, Olof Palme Memorial Prize. The article has been translated from Chinese.


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