Why is China not being held accountable for the Wuhan lab leak that caused this mess? All evidence points to Fauci and the Wuhan lab—but once again, we have diversion, disassembly, dishonesty, and cover-ups galore.


Civil societies require its citizenry to participate in respectful, fact-based dialogue to reach a consensus. Compromises may be made from which resolutions may be determined. Respect for, equal application, and enforcement of the rule of law should be the most significant consideration within a true democracy.

Democratic principles such as informed consent, freedom of expression in speech, and thought are accepted by all as human rights that must be guaranteed for a democracy to survive. Unfortunately, recently these principles, age-old traditions, and values have been shoved aside in favour of fragmentation: tribalism and mob rule hoisted upon the majority by fractional minorities. In fact, during the past two years, western society has taken a sharp left turn and embarked down a dark path that has been dictated by the .001%, aka BBB—Big Corporations, Big Pharma, and Big Government. The lunatics are running the asylum.

In today’s age of political divisiveness, identity politics is more important than competence.  Extreme liberal ideologues have infected everything, allowing those who shriek loudest to oppress and demonize majorities. The nuclear family has been “reimagined” by collapsing solidarity. The middle-class value system has been marginalised, history has been rewritten, and speech has been reinvented by creating new definitions. For example: The term “pregnant people” is a disassociation technique. The left seeks to disassociate pregnancy with females and woman, this is insanity—“people” don’t get pregnant, only women do. The deletion of historical context, cultural norms, traditions should frighten everyone.

Corporate media have become political activists who believe anything they do to achieve their objectives is justified, including violence. In 2020, the BLM riots caused deaths, billions in damage, burning down police stations and cities across America. (here, here,) A dishonest media characterized the murders, riots, looting, and arson as “peaceful protests”. If anyone dares criticize or counter the media’s ridiculous narratives, they were deemed racist and set upon by this fringe cancel culture’s flacks. Corrupt government officials and their media partners empowered the “social media mob”. (here)



Enter 2020 and the China virus aka COVID-19. Why was no one allowed to focus or ask about treatment protocols? Instead, a financially conflicted, unelected, 80-year-old bureaucrat named Anthony Fauci dictated tyrannical policies with narratives that had more holes in them than a 100 Kilo block Swiss cheese. Lord Fauci ratcheted the level of public fear up to 11 out of ten and issued the first lie, “two weeks to stop the spread”. Next, he bristled, “masks don’t work”, later demanding “mandatory masks”. Fauci’s dictates became more dictatorial and changeable than a kindergartener’s game of “Simon says”. These mandatory Covid rules morphed into several years of the most unprecedented global and tyrannical power-grab ever made by governments. Let’s be clear; this authoritarian creep is the greatest existential threat to our western system of freedom—free speech, democracy, and liberty—in history. It almost feels like China has taken over the world. The mantra: It is mandatory you take four doses of an experimental biological agent with questionable efficacy, or we will destroy you, for which the side effects seem underreported, and the effectiveness appears overstated. The dishonest media unleashed an army of apparatchik Karen’s anyone daring non-compliance.

If this pandemic was so terrible as to allow government tyranny, destruction of SMEs, and the middle class, why have we not seen a massive increase in total year-on-year global morbidity rates? Now, after using coercion: the fear of death and or the denial to earn a living to force unwilling members of society to participate in mass medical experiments, we have unprecedented numbers of deaths of working-age people ages 18-64 occurring. A massive number of unexplained deaths have been reported by all insurance companies in Q3 and Q4 of 2021—watch this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Op6kKQzAoxc

Regarding these deaths, OneAmerica’s CEO stated, “It may not have said COVID on the death certificates, but deaths in this age group are up massively”. Actuarial data is generally the most accurate data available. We know mass participation in the Pfizer, Moderna, and Astra Zeneca medical experiments with unknown long-term consequences; could these deaths be related? Why is the media not all over his story?

I contracted COVID, on 25 January 2022. I am symptomatic with a terrible, cough, a fever of 39.8 degrees C, aches and pains, a sharp, throbbing headache that won’t go away, and extreme congestion with a runny nose. Last night, after receiving my COVID positive PCR test result via email I took my first dose of Ivermectin. Seven hours after taking my first dose of Ivermectin, I am feeling an 80% improvement.

Why have any alternative treatments suggested that were not the “Emergency Use Authorized”, aka Big Pharma jabs, never explored, immediately dismissed, censored, and the doctors offering effective alternative treatments were slandered (See the attached Fauci/Collins Email below) and warned their licenses to practice medicine would be revoked. Is this science, propaganda, or medical tyranny? Many studies indicate that Ivermectin (IV) is part of an effective treatment for COVID. A Brasilin peer-review study, released on 15 January, concluded that “Ivermectin was associated with significantly lower rates of COVID-19 infections, hospitalizations, and morbidity rates”. (The complete peer-reviewed study is here) Yet, in 18 months, Big pharma corporations and social media have censored, defamed, and cancelled anyone who challenges the official narratives. By the way, Pfizer made $80 billion in 2021 revenues due to these medical experiments. That’s not how science works; that’s how propaganda works. I have spoken with several doctors who helped draft the Great Barrington Declaration. Other members of America’s Front-Line Doctors (AFLDS) have found effective alternative treatments that saw a recovery in tens of thousands of their patients. Dr Marik’s testimony provides a science explainer (here). Based upon this practicing doctor’s testimony and over seventy trials, many of which were peer-reviewed studies—millions of people died due to an effective COVID treatment being withheld because of profits, politics, and mass-scale psychological manipulation. Pharmacists in the USA have acted unlawfully by not filling doctors’ lawful prescriptions; these rogue pharmacists should all be stricken off and not allowed to practice. Censorship, groupthink, and financially conflicted authoritarianism are not science; it’s medical tyranny. It’s time to end the propaganda censorship and hold those responsible for crimes against humanity to account.

Why is there so much globally coordinated pushback against science? When did it become acceptable for governments to demand their citizens, including 5-year-old children, surrender their bodily autonomy to governments that mandate experimental medical procedures? This is not okay.



We live in unprecedented times; governments demonize their citizens for refusing to participate in a massive experimental drug program for which zero long-term safety data exists. So why are tribalism and isolation so important? In China, its subjects are submissive and obedient to their rulers. In Australia, Austria, Greece, and France, what is happening is an authoritarian dictatorship. Internment camps for the unvaccinated?

As many doctors have stated, Omicron has become “mild, similar to the flu”. So why do governments demand and coerce participation in a medical experiment? This is not only unprecedented; it’s insane. Why is China not being held accountable for the Wuhan lab leak that caused this mess? All evidence points to Fauci and the Wuhan lab—but once again, we have diversion, disassembly, dishonesty, and cover-ups galore.

As a result, the population with good reason have become distrustful of science, medicine, politicians, and governments. 80% of the population believes the media make stories up. As China increases its global influence, the wealth inequality gap keeps widening, and the middle class gets eviscerated, this can end in a civil war.

COVID is a test of society’s resolve. Will the intelligence services deployment of psychological operations and fear against its own citizenry allow takeover by an authoritarian state? This new medical tyranny and dictatorship in conjunction with 40 years of failed neoliberal policies: too much debt, credit, and leverage have set the stage for a massive financial collapse that may allow the realization of Klaus Schwab’s “Great Economic Reset”. Watch this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kPCMf34X-6k—Schwab appears to be XI’s puppet. CNBC reported Xi’s speech here https://www.cnbc.com/2022/01/17/davos-chinas-xi-says-countries-must-abandon-cold-war-mentality.html Xi’s speech is not only chilling, but dangerous—he is calling for a one-world government, and sadly as I’ve warned, China may have already won the war and taken over the world without a shot being fired.


Mitchell Feierstein is CEO, Glacier Environmental Fund.