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On My Radar: God Save The King

NewsOn My Radar: God Save The King

God Save The King
With the death of Queen Elizabeth II (96) on Thursday, many things will see massive changes, including currency notes and the National Anthem in the United Kingdom. Just moments after it was announced that Queen Elizabeth II passed away, her oldest son, Prince Charles, was formally recognized as the new reigning British monarch. The UK National Anthem has the words “God save our gracious Queen”, which will change to “God save our gracious King”, switching back to the traditional phrase “God Save the King”, which has been in use from the early 17th century. The current anthem has been sung since 1745, and originally contained the words “God save great George our king, Long live our noble king, God save the king.” Several of the things were associated and signified with her as she was at the helm of affairs for over 70 years; they all will undergo changes. And it will cost the kingdom’s subjects a huge expenditure. The royal cypher, ‘EIIR’, is emblazoned on flags that fly on innumerable official buildings and installations, including police stations across the UK and Royal Navy vessels under certain circumstances. The British military flies the “Queen’s Colours” of blue, red, and gold, and many flags carry the ‘EIIR’ in gold. The British National Fire Service Ensign carries her initials, and some Commonwealth countries of which the British currency notes have the face of the Queen on them, and some 4.5 billion pound notes are in circulation, adding up to a total value of valued at £80 billion. All these currency notes will have to be replaced. The process will take several years. Queen Elizabeth’s face has appeared on notes since 1960. She also features in some other Commonwealth currencies. Some coins also carry her face; changing these may take longer than changing paper currency.

Queen Had Shown Pm Modi handkerchief Gifted by Mahatma Gandhi
While expressing his deepest condolences on the Queen Elizabeth’s death, Prime Minister Narendra Modi tweeted: Her majesty Queen Elizabeth II will be remembered as a stalwart of our times. She provided the inspiring leadership to her nation and people. She personified dignity and decency in public life. Pained by her demise. My thoughts are with her family and people of UK in this sad hour. In another tweet, Modi, while also posting his pictures with her when he visited England and met her, described his meeting with her as: I had memorable meetings with her Majesty Queen Elizabeth during my UK visits in 2015 and 2018. I will never forget the warmth and kindness; during one of her meetings, she had shown a handkerchief which was gifted to her by Mahatma Gandhi on her wedding. I always cherished that gesture.

Dhankhar Visits own village In Rajasthan
Jagdeep Dhankhar along with his wife Dr Sudesh Dhankhar visited Rajasthan on one day tour, his first to the state after becoming the Vice President of India. During the trip, he visited a number of holy places and attended felicitation programmes. Dhankhar visited his native village Kithana in Jhunjhunu where he arrived from Delhi in the morning. After that, the VP and his spouse prayed at and took part in Aarti at Shri Balaji temple, Jodiya and Shri Thakur Ji temple, Kithana. At his parental village, Dhankhar also laid the foundation stone of a new building at Mahatma Gandhi Government School. The Kithana Panchayat organised a felicitation programme in his honour. Emphasising the importance of education, Dhankhar said, “All I could achieve in my life was because of good education.” After a number of rituals, the VP went to Jaipur to attend a felicitation function organised by the Bar Council of Rajasthan. In his address, the VP said that “a spinally strong, fair and independent justice system is the safest guarantee to the blossoming and flourishing of democratic values and the lawyers’ fraternity has a critical role to play in this.”

Admiral Sunil Lanba gets Singapore’s Military Award
Former Indian Navy Chief Admiral Sunil Lanba was presented the Meritorious Service Medal (Military) by Singapore’s Minister for Defence Dr Ng Eng Hen at the Ministry of Defence in Singapore on Thursday. This prestigious military award, the Pingat Jasa Gemilang (Tentera) or Meritorious Service Medal (Military) [MSM(M)], was conferred by President Halimah Yacob. Lanba is the first Indian military officer to receive the MSM(M). Minister for Defence Dr Ng Eng Hen presented the award to Lanba at an investiture held at the Ministry of Defence. Lanba said, “It is an honour for me to have been awarded the MSM(M) by the Government of Singapore. India and Singapore are strategic partners and the two Navies have long enjoyed a robust relationship as maritime neighbours. The efforts during my tenure were directed to further the process of engagement and complemented the relationship between our Navies. I take great comfort in the fact that the two Navies have very consciously decided to move ahead in this direction.”

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