UK not prepared for increase in net migration figures

The publication of the UK net migration...

Sterling Tools scrip may give 25% return in next one year

Sterling Tools Ltd is the second largest...

On My Radar: John Travolta Comes To Bid Farewell To 747 Jumbo Jet

NewsOn My Radar: John Travolta Comes To Bid Farewell To 747 Jumbo Jet

John Travolta Comes To Bid Farewell To 747 Jumbo Jet
Boeing, the world’s top American aircraft manufacturer, has bid farewell to its iconic 747 Jumbo Jet. Well-known American actor and pilot John Travolta was on the tarmac to see the final plane’s delivery to U.S. airline Atlas Air on Tuesday afternoon. This marked the end of an era when the first-ever ‘jumbo jet’ ruled the world skies. Thousands of Boeing employees, including some of those who developed the jet in the 1960s, witnessed the last delivery of the historic plane, which brought air travel to the masses. The event at the mammoth manufacturing plant saw a celebrity appearance by John Travolta, who recounted learning to fly the 747-400 as an ambassador for Qantas Airlines. Travolta described the plane as “the most thought out and safest aircraft ever built.” The 747 was the world’s first twin-aisle jetliner, which Boeing designed and built in 28 months and Pan Am introduced it in 1970. Guy Norris, co-author of “Boeing 747: Design and Development Since 1969”, said that “It’s the airplane that redefined the civil aviation industry and air travel.” British billionaire entrepreneur Richard Branson, who was inspired to start an airline with a single Boeing 747 after getting stuck on a delayed flight, called it a “wonderful beast” as he bid farewell. Boeing’s Everett, Washington, facility has been the 747’s production site since the plane’s conception. Built in 1967 to produce the mammoth jet, it remains the world’s largest manufacturing plant. Customers demand for the 747 eroded after five decades as Boeing and rival French Airbus developed more fuel efficient two-engine wide-body planes. Boeing confirmed in July 2020 that it would end 747 production. In 2022, Boeing delivered only five 747s.

Akashvani Twitter Handle Calls Budget ‘Election Stunt’
Akashvani made a major faux pas while responding to a news organisation’s post which asked people to rate budgetary allocations out of ten. While responding to the post, Akashvani’s Hindi handle called it ‘election stunt’. The tweet was later deleted. The brief presence of the post on the microblogging site was noticed by the Opposition parties and on social media it became a laughing matter.

Your Date With ‘Millet Calendar’
Union Science Minister Jitendra Singh launched the Central government’s first ‘Millet Calendar’ at the CSIR-NPL campus in the Capital on Monday. Each page has a quote of Prime Minister Narendra Modi on millets. The back of every page carries millet recipes. Singh is said to have designed the desktop calendar himself. The calendar is a mini-encyclopaedia on the cereal grain with answers to frequently asked questions, information about its nutrition value and how it helps in fighting diseases.

Kiara Advani To Tie Knot In Rajasthan
Bollywood is buzzing with speculations that actors Alia Advani, professionally known as Kiara Advani, and Sidharth Malhotra are getting married at Suryagarh Palace in Jaisalmer (Rajasthan) tomorrow. The wedding rumours of Kiara and Sidharth have been circulating since the pretty ‘Shershaah’ couple made a number of public appearances.Kiara works in Hindi and Telugu films. She made her acting debut in the comedy film Fugly. She played cricketer M. S. Dhoni’s wife in sports biopic M. S. Dhoni: The Untold Story.

Lone Boy Faints Amidst Girls At Bihar Exam Centre
In Bihar’s Nalanda district, a strange incident took place the other day. A boy student fainted when he found himself alone in the middle of a large number of girl students at an examination centre hall. Mani Shankar had come to take the 12th Class examination at a school. A student of Bihar Sharif’s Allama Iqbal College went to take an intermediate examination at Brilliant School. As soon as Shankar realised that he was the lone boy in the classroom full of 50 girls, he blacked out. He developed a fever and was rushed to Sadar hospital. His aunt said he fainted out of “nervousness”. His condition was later reported to be stable.

Singapore Man Sues GirlFriend
An emotionally disturbed Singapore man, K. Kawshigan, has sued her love interest Nora Tan for S$3 million (Rs. 24 crore) reportedly for subjecting him to mantle trauma by refusing to become his “better-half”. Kawshigan has filed a suit against Nora for not reciprocating his feelings of love for him thus leaving him in anguish. Nora told him that she considered him “just a friend”. The two met in 2016. Kawshigan wanted to sue Nora much earlier but had cancelled his plan when she agreed to attend counselling sessions with him, which lasted 18 months.
But when Nora recently told Kawshigan she felt “genuine discomfort” he felt humiliated and said Ms. Nora Tan could either comply with his demands or suffer “irrevocable” damage to her personal and professional life. He wasn’t ready to accept that Nora did not want to be in romantic relationship with him. When Nora remained incommunicado, Kawshigan filed two lawsuits on her, the original S$3 million suit which he threatened of earlier and another for $22,000 that was filed in a Magistrate’s court claiming breach of the agreement to “improve their relationship”.

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