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NewsStrong leaders don’t necessarily bring strong governance: Abhishek Manu Singhvi

New Delhi

At the Festival of Ideas, organised here by NewsX, The Sunday Guardian and India News that are a part of the iTV Network, Abhishek Manu Singhvi, Rajya Sabha Member of Parliament from Congress and senior advocate, spoke on “One party rule vs coalition government”.

He said, “It is not about which model of governance works, but rather what works better for governance.

And in that case, whatever works better or governs a state better is the best. It’s a myth especially within the power corridors of Delhi. It kind of feels good bringing about the idea that strong leaders bring about strong governance, but it is not necessarily so. Democracy allows more discussion.” He added, “It’s also a myth that minority governments do not work proficiently, coalition government have made the best decisions if we look back in India’s history of governance. There is also a perception that the coalition government does not warrant stability and everything is not organised. Actually, coalition government even after working with dissent, the diversity of views make for decision making.”

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