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Trudeau tries to shift the blame

opinionEditorialTrudeau tries to shift the blame

Canada is a country blessed not just with an impressive but a largely versatile population. The country is marked by a respect for diversity, and few invisible ceilings exist for individual achievement, irrespective of the ethnicity or faith of the citizen. India and Canada are significant partners in development, and have been for a long while. Even the nuclear program in our country was assisted by Canada in its infancy, while there has been a steady migration from India to that country, especially from the state of Punjab. Overall, citizens from Punjab have distinguished themselves in numerous fields, but as with all groups, there has also been a small minority that have done the opposite. In 1947, it so happened that much of the territory that was occupied by the Sikh community was located in what became Pakistan. Diverting attention away from such a historical fact was among the reasons why GHQ Rawalpindi conjured up a plan whereby elements of the Sikh community could be made to ignore the fact that the lands they lost in 1947 were now in Pakistan, and instead turn their attention towards India, the country that had given shelter to a hard-working community that had been subjected to the worst forms of excess in West Punjab in a genocidal effort at reducing their numbers through killings and driving the rest to India. Those few who came under the influence of GHQ Rawalpindi entered in the 1980s on a well-organised and funded campaign of terror in Punjab and elsewhere. Such elements have no right to call themselves representative of the Sikhs, for that is a community noted for its patriotism and valour. Those active in the GHQ Rawalpindi project are just Canadian, or US or UK terrorists, depending on which country they are citizens of. Perhaps as a consequence of their tilt towards the CCP, both Pierre and Justin Trudeau demonstrated a soft corner for the handful of extremists who were mobilised by the Pakistan army to form the “Khalistan” movement.
What problems were caused to Canada by Pierre Trudeau has been shrouded in the mists of time, but the toxic effects of the misgovernance of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau are visible. He has acted in a manner that seeks to trample on an important relationship, that with India. Not just that, but narcotics have become ubiquitous in Canada during his tenure in office, hardly a surprise, for it is that trade which funds much of the covert anti-India activities of the Sino-Pakistan alliance. Together with the narcotics trade comes the violence associated with gang warfare, and this is what is becoming more frequent, especially in British Columbia. Several Canadians who are operatives of GHQ Rawalpindi are active in the drugs trade, and disputes over the distribution of profits often lead to inter-gang and intra-gang rivalry, often ending in murder. The rising curve of such incidents is affecting public opinion, and it is as a diversion from his own failure on the law and order front that Justin Trudeau has sought to make India the scapegoat for the violence and killings that are multiplying in Canada, much to the dismay of the overwhelming majority of its population. By constantly repeating the falsehood that India had a role in the killing of a Canadian hood, Prime Minister Trudeau is seeking to draw the attention of his voters away from his own failure to extinguish the drug trade and to control gangs and the violence that accompanies them. Unfortunately for him, the Canadian public are seeing through his subterfuge, and are waiting for the next elections so as to hold Trudeau accountable for his failures. The growing relationship between India and Canada cannot be derailed by a Prime Minister who seeks to escape blame for his own shortcomings by heaping calumny on a country that has been and will remain a natural partner.

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