Narain Batra

A teacher of Gurukul school makes a painting on 'One year Ukraine - Russia war'

Vultures of war: The war criminals and war profiteers

The top five oil producers made about $200 billion in profit from soaring oil prices since the Russian invasion. When...

Unified MCD will improve Delhi’s sanitation ranking, say MCD officers

Workplace values: Social justice, performance and individual dignity

The challenge is how to implement DEI in a way that it’s not perceived by dominant groups as a zero-sum...

Pic 3 for Nilofar Joe Biden

Joe Biden and the American gridlock

The annual threats of the government shutdown have always been about spending bills, budgets, and fiscal issues. The first partial...

PM Narendra Modi at the Quad Summit

Quad pivots India to the Indo-Pacific

To defend the Himalayas, India must play a commanding role in the Indo-Pacific, which requires pro-active strategic engagement with the...

People attend a rally to demand authorities allow opposition candidates to run in the upcoming local election in Moscow, Russia on Saturday. REUTERS

Being a democracy is difficult in the age of authoritarianism

Russia under Vladimir Putin has been trying to regain the Soviet Union’s past imperialist glory by launching a most brutal...