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Pak emerges as major supplier of ammunition to Ukraine in war with Russia

WorldPak emerges as major supplier of ammunition to Ukraine in war with Russia

Pakistan has supplied ammunition for field guns and howitzers used by combined Ukraine and NATO forces against Russia.

New Delhi: Pakistan has emerged as one of the most prominent suppliers of ammunition to the Ukraine forces who are engaged in a more than one year long battle with Russia which began in February last year.
Much of the light armoured vehicles that the Russian forces have lost in the war, as per sources on the ground, have fallen to 12.7×99 MM armor piercing cartridges that are being supplied to the Ukrainian and other armed groups present in the region by Pakistan.Pakistan has also supplied ammunition for the field guns and howitzers that are being used by the combined Ukraine and NATO forces against Russia.
Sources told The Sunday Guardian that apart from the ammunition for weapons that are intended to target tanks and machines, the military supply received from Pakistan includes 12.7×108 mm bullets that are used in heavy machine guns, 40 MM rounds that are used in rocket-propelled grenade launchers and ammunitions for multiple barrel rocket launcher systems.It has also dispatched 130 MM and 155 shells that are used in field guns.Apart from these ammunition, the Pakistan government has sent 7.62×54mm bullets that are used in rifles and machine guns, which have been traditionally built in Russia.
Almost all of the weapons that Ukraine, a former part of the Soviet Union till 1991, is using in the war are made in Russia.Atleast 170 containers containing the above-mentioned ammunition have been sent by Pakistan to Ukraine through sea route via Germany in the last few months. The nodal authority in this transfer is the Ministry of Defence, United Kingdom, sources have said. 
These ammunition, the numbers of which are not known, are likely being sent by Islamabad under the arrangements done under United States of America led consortium, Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative (USAI) which aims to provide military support to Ukraine.Reports from the ground have emerged that despite the support of NATO forces, Ukraine was facing difficulties as it was facing shortage of ammunition, which took time to be manufactured.In what is also an example of the ironies at play in this conflict, while Pakistan is helping Ukraine in defeating the Russian army, China, Pakistan’s partner of all seasons, is helping Russia to fight the NATO and Ukrainian forces.

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