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‘Indian food is all about spices and flavours’

Food & Drink‘Indian food is all about spices and flavours’

Q. How has the Indian cuisine evolved in terms of taste, presentation etc.?

A. I think Indian cuisine is all about its flavours and spices. It is one of the most evolved cuisines, as we have been influenced by many parts of the world. It has evolved a lot in every aspect over time.

Q. Do you think the general use of spices affects the perception of Indian cuisines?

A. The use of spices doesn’t have to be negative. We have a palette that is sophisticated enough to present 14 different spices in a single dish. We can actually make out what spice is missing or which one is extra. Although, we have looked down upon the use of spices in the past, I think it is really a gift. India is all about flavours and not so much about the ingredients.

Q. Is Indian cuisine being recognised on a global platform?

A. With big names like Zorawar, Chef Manish Malhotra, Chef Gaggan Anand, I think Indian food is finally being recongnised and appreciated globally. We still have a long way to go and I am sure that Indian cuisine will be recongnised as widely as Japanese or Peruvian cuisine all over the world. It will stand up and take its place on the world stage soon.

Q. Do you think there are enough opportunities for aspiring chefs?

A. There has never been a more exciting time to be in the hospitality business. A lot is happening in this space and people are becoming more and more aware about it. India is on the brink of its own F&B renaissance.

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