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There is no harm in thinking small: Pooja Nagdev

LifestyleThere is no harm in thinking small: Pooja Nagdev

Pooja Nagdev, founder of Inatur, is a young and successful aromatherapy and cosmetologist. In conversation with G20, she shares her journey as well as mantra for success.

Q. Please share your journey with us. What does this unusual name ‘Inatur’ mean?

A. It’s been a long journey. We started Inatur in 2007. I, interestingly, did my Masters in finance. Hence, it seems like destiny for me to come into this line of business. I am a spiritual person who believes in karma. Natural Ayurveda has been a part of our culture forever. People are now becoming more aware about it. I did a course in the UK with my husband in the export of incense sticks. This enabled me to conceptualise this business. As I travel a lot, I make sure I understand the organic and natural products available in those areas. I also got onboard a cosmetologist and an Ayurvedic doctor for two years to focus on research and development. We launched initially with face cream, sun blocks
and shower gels. As for the name Inatur, it actually derives from the Spanish term ‘natur’ which means nature. And ‘I’ stand for innovation.

Q. What are the most appealing and desired consumer trends of 2020?

A. These days people are more focused on cleanliness. I feel there is going to be a need to feel calm, less anxious, deep cleansed inside and outside. So, essential oils are going to play a huge role. Natural surfactants will be huge in cleansing. Natural make-up for men and women is becoming very popular, as both sexes get more look-conscious, especially men. Natural hair dyes too would be in demand. So, for me, the word natural would be the buzzword in 2020 and after.

Q. As a super successful young entrepreneur in a highly competitive sector, please share your pointers for a budding entrepreneur.

A. Stay true to your vision and cause. In the case of Inatur, it has been about spreading natural organic products. Two, there is no harm in thinking small. We knew and accepted that we could not supply the whole of India. Three, love your colleagues, your team. I know as a woman entrepreneur, it’s important to have a strong, robust team by your side. Four, have full faith in your business.

Q. What is the range and variety of your products?

A. We have a huge variety of products, around 215 in total. Ranging from skin care, hair care, Ayurveda, essential oils, wellness massages, etc. Our price point is very reasonable, ranging from Rs 350 to Rs 1,900. We have made our price points very competitive, yet aspirational and affordable.

Q. Where all are Inatur products available?

A. We are available online as well as offline. We are also available on Amazon. We have two standalone stores in Bangalore, Gurgaon and Noida respectively, and four in Delhi.

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