BENGALURU: It was just a few days since Basavaraj Bommai had taken over as the new Chief Minister of Karnataka. At an event a child asked him as to how does it feel to be the CM, without wasting a second he said “for me CM means Common Man’’.
His answers with so much humility drew him much appreciation and when you see the track record and given the time constraint, the Chief Minister seems to have walked a long distance in a short span. Bommai has implemented several schemes during his seventeen months tenure. He has handled many situations efficiently and deftly be it hijab row, issues over communities fight for reservation, border row with neighbours, water disputes among many such challenges.  One such major achievement of the Bommai government was the increase in reservation for the SC and ST community.BasavarajaBommai is also credited with presenting the first tax-free budget even when there was a financial crisis due to Covid. Bommai, who is always like a common man, a simpleton works for the problems of common people, has provided many benefits to people of all classes. Many new corporation, boards have been established, tens of schemes have been implemented for farmers, women and students.