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NewsBRS goes slow in Odisha

Party leadership is not showing as keen an interest in spreading its base to Odisha as it is showing in Maharashtra.

The Bharat Rashtra Samithi (BRS), which has announced its expansion plan, is going slow in neighbouring state of Odisha. The party leadership is not showing as keen an interest in spreading the party base to Odisha as it is showing in Maharashtra, another bordering state.
It has been more than five months, when former Chief Minister Giridhar Gamang along with his wife former MP Hema Gamang and son Sishir Gamang, former MP Jayram Pangi and hundred others from different walks of life joined the party. There were plans of launching a membership drive and organising rallies to be addressed by BRS chief and Telangana Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao. But the party is yet to announce the state and district office-bearers. On the contrary, as part of the expansion plan, Telangana Chief Minister and BRS supremo K. Chandrasekhar Rao had held many rallies in parts of Maharashtra. The party has started membership drives and inducting leaders at grassroots level. However, those who joined the party have not lost their hope and are working in their respective constituencies.
Speaking to The Sunday Guardian, Sishir Gamang said the party will announce state and district committees by the end of next month. ‘’The party is going one state after another. It has been just 6 months since the party came to the state. Obviously for a regional party to go on a national level, it will take some time. It is not possible to work simultaneously in all the states. The party is more active in Maharashtra as they were in touch with the Maharashtra leaders even before the decision was taken to expand the party on national level,’’ he said.
‘’As state head has not been decided yet, so leaders are working in their constituencies. Those who have joined the party and want to contest the elections are working in their respective constituencies. Party activities will intensify once more people join,’’ he said.
What if elections are held before scheduled as was the buzz in the political circles in the state. Is the party prepared for that? Sishir said, ‘’Yes, speculation is that elections can be held even in December. (But) We have been hearing this since long. Nevertheless, now with technology, electioneering is not so difficult.’’ On taking on a party like Biju Janata Dal (BJD) which has been in power for over two decades, he said nothing is impossible in politics. “It is not easy to take on the BJD which has been in power for so many years. BJP made efforts last time and Congress has been making efforts for so many years but they could not succeed. But it is also a fact that Congress ruled for 30 years and it was dethroned by the BJD. So nothing is impossible. Then BJD too was a new party. Who had thought then that it would snatch power from the Congress and rule the state for over 20 years. Politics is art of possibility. So it would be wrong for us to think that anything is impossible,’’ he said. Sishir said the party is in talks with the like-minded parties except BJP, Congress and BJP, but conclusive decisions can be taken only after the state committee is formed.
‘’Talks are on for alliance with the like-minded parties. There are many regional parties, but it will depend on various factors. If their demands are unjustified then it would be difficult to arrive at any decision. They are welcome if they hold talks keeping in mind their vote share. We will have to read their vote share and relevance, and will have to discuss with them what they want to do, what their ideology is. All this can happen only after the state committee is formed. Only after detailed discussions, we will be in a position to reach a decision,’’ he said.
Former Chief Minister and nine times Member of Parliament from Koraput Lok Sabha Constituency Dr Giridhar Gamang and his son Sishir Gamang had quit the Bharatiya Janata Party in January this year. It was seen as a huge setback for the BJP which was trying to make inroads in South Odisha.

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