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We want to be a one stop solution for our clients: Neha Nagar

CultureWe want to be a one stop solution for our clients: Neha Nagar

In an interview with G20, Neha Nagar, Founder & CEO of and Digital Content Creator talks about her business Taxationhelp where she provides services like GST, ITR and business registrations. Excerpts:
Q. You’re an eminent digital content creator in the realm of Finance. How did your journey unfold as the CEO of
A. I come from a lower middle class family. I have always had dreams of being independent and free. I tried to clear my CA exams when I was told about it being the highest paying career option. Unable to clear my finals, I kept trying different career options as well. I started working at IIFL securities after completing my MBA. I worked there for almost a year but soon realised that I have to do something of my own in order to achieve freedom and independence.
That’s when I decided to start my own tax firm Taxationhelp and just into the first 6 months of starting up, the pandemic arrived and everything got shut. Having ample time on my hands, I took to social media to promote my business by making small videos around stocks, crypto and taxes. Soon I started getting lots of responses and queries from the audience so I started creating content full time with my business Taxationhelp where we provide services like GST, ITR and business registrations.
Q. You deliver a knowledge based on information ranging from finance to crypto-currency, stock markets & taxation. How does a consumer reach you?
A. I started my business completely online. I used all digital platforms like Google for my business listing, made our own website and placed our services on social media platforms.
We used to run ads for our business and helped people with tax consultancy, customers reach us through our website where all details are available like our services & contact details.
We also provide some consultation about their business, plus everything is online these days because of the pandemic so Google meetings help us serve more and more clients across India. With all these one to one services/sessions, I’m also creating content on taxes, stocks and crypto on Youtube/Instagram to educate the audience.
Q. How does the revenue stream work in your company?
A. We have different services from taxation to marketing and we are expanding it to other streams as well.
We provide tax registrations, business registrations, tax consultancy, ITR filing, Trademark filing, etc. In our marketing services, we provide website development, Facebook and Google ads, Influencer marketing and social media management services.
Basically, we want to be a one stop solution for our clients. If you start your business, we will be there to help you with consultation and services right from project reports, business registrations, and marketing and then all your taxation and accounting compliances will also be handled by us.
Q. How many subscribers do you have till date?
A. I have over 4.78 Million followers across social media platforms. I’m creating fun and educative content on more than 4-5 platforms like Instagram ( 712k ) , Youtube ( 195k ) , Facebook (103k ) , Linkedin ( 12k ) & all other social media platforms ( 100k + ).
We are trying to reach the masses through all video platforms. For eg: Short video platforms (3 million on Trell, 100k on MOJ , takatak, etc )
Our Instagram handle for my company has over 89k followers and growing each day.
Q. How has Covid impacted your business & consumers at large who come to you for guidance?
A. Covid-19 has changed the service industry completely. Earlier people used to come in person and discuss about services and so we were restricted to serve only nearby area. But because everything is now online, we can provide services all over India conveniently which actually help us save a lot of money plus it is very convenient for customers also to get access to all these services right from their homes. It is saving lots of money now but it got very difficult to run the business in lockdown; people even struggled to pay recurring expenses. Although, 3-4 months into the lockdown, things started getting back normal and now the service industry is doing much better than pre-covid levels.

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