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India needs a third-term of Narendra Modi as Prime Minister

NewsIndia needs a third-term of Narendra Modi as Prime Minister

Panaji: India at the moment is poised to climb the global geopolitical ladder of success. People in India have a new energy and a new found dedicated focus towards a New India. This breath of a new hope over the last seven-years has been because a leader rose from among a common family in India to command the stature and respect of the Prime Minister of India.
For decades, barring a few exceptions, most political leaders at the helm of the affairs of our country were a coterie of the Nehru political family in Indian politics. Narendra Modi is the voice of a new resurgent India. With each term as a Prime Minister of India, the Voice of India under his leadership has grown loud and powerful. Modi is the voice of millions of Indians that want to break free from the shackles of years of colonial and political nepotism based agenda in India. Modi wants to truly liberate India and put India in a pole position to compete with nations across the globe. Modi is a story of grit and determination. He rose to the position of the Prime Minister of India from poor and humble beginnings. He was not born into power and political positions because of the name or legacy of his family. He strived over the years and earned his respect as a politician in India and now a global leader.
India under Narendra Modi is walking towards a future of hope and of a planned socio-economic progress. Of course, there are going to hurdles and setbacks on this journey for Modi and for us Indians too, but that is a nature of the journey we have embarked on.
Narendra Modi faced immense criticism and vile attacks even before he became the Prime Minister of India and he continues to face immense criticism. It is something that Modi has learned to take in his stride. And I am sure he will continue to face even worse criticism in the run-up to 2024 Parliamentary elections.
The attack on Narendra Modi and his government will not stop because it is an attack on India and he stands for a resilient and resurgent India that does not augur well for our enemies in India and our enemies outside of India.
India must not progress is the game plan of our enemies. They believe India must continue to face religious and caste strife. India must not move on a path of socio-economic progress. India must continue to be a race of people subjugated and submissive to foreign powers and aristocratic powers in India that prefer to feed a citizen a fish rather than teach them to fish.
Our enemies do not want India and Indians to be self-empowered. They want us to be weak and feeble. They want us to think that we are free but to actually be slaves of foreign driven economic policies.
Narendra Modi’s vision and political reforms are a thorn in their plans for India. Therefore, since 2014 India is witnessing a rise in anarchy. In the run up to 2019, the chaos intensified. Expect far worse chaos in the run up to 2024. In fact, I have a nagging feeling that in the run up to 2024, Modi will face his toughest battle of his life so far in his vision to lead India again. He will see geopolitical friends play truant behind his back while smiling at his face, few of his own supporters in their over expectations of Modi will start turning against him not realising that Modi even in his worst times is a far better leader of our country than the existing lot of political leaders in India.
People’s expectation from Modi are high and rightfully so. But people must also understand that Modi is a human and not a machine. Modi cannot please every Indian in the nature and manner they expect. He will have to act taking into account its impact on India and Indians holistically. His job as the Prime Minister is to set new foundations for the future of India and strengthen the existing foundations of India. It is easy for many of us Indians to be critical but difficult for us to be objective to the challenges of being a Prime Minister.
Having personally had the opportunity to meet Prime Minister Modi in person once so far in my life, I can say without an ounce of doubt that Modi is working for India and to him India is about the people.
Opposition in particular the progeny of Nehru and their kind hate Modi because a leader like Modi is not an aristocrat like them, he is a son of a poor man. But to most Indians who are common men and women, Modi is an inspiration and an example that with hard work, dedication and persistence a common person can aspire to become and becomes the leader of our great nation.
Modi is not communal. Modi understands that in order to succeed we need to rise above religious bigotry; this however, does not stop him for wearing his Sanatan Dharmic beliefs on his sleeves. Modi openly proclaims and professes his Sanatan Dharma beliefs without having the fear of ridicule. No Indian leader in the recent past has been so prolific in showcasing his Sanatan Dharmic beliefs and practices. He is showing the world that he is a Hindu and that Hindus are not religious bigots. Christians, Muslims, Sikhs, Buddhists, Parsis like the Hindus are an integral part of India’s religious diversity and true secular nature.
Narendra Modi is needed for a third-term as India’s Prime Minister because in the months ahead, India is going to move ahead aggressively and assertively to compete at a global stage. No competition at a global stage is going to be easy. Foreign enemies of India will not want India to succeed and enemies in India of Modi will not want him succeed. Therefore, India needs a leader who does not hold back any punches but bashes on tenaciously with a vision and mission of a Better India.
My vote is for Narendra Modi. India needs him to strengthen our foundation and groom a new leader to take over the good work of moving towards Better India.

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