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Rahul Gandhi is an accused out on bail

NewsRahul Gandhi is an accused out on bail

The All-India Congress Committee (AICC) can think that the Enforcement Directorate (ED) and Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) are caged parrots or puppets of the BJP-led government, but it does not change one simple fact that Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi are accused in corruption scandal and are currently out on bail. Both Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi have been accused of a corruption-crime–a fraud–and must be treated as accused of a crime. Because they are politicians from the Congress and come from the Nehru-family does not mean that the laws of India do not apply to them.
The protest drama around Rahul Gandhi’s ED visit by Congress leaders over the last couple of days is shameful and despicable. It is even more absurd that the Congress leaders termed the protest as “Satyagraha”. The nationwide protests by Congress leaders are an insult to the acts of our freedom fighters who took out “Satyagraha” protests to fight for our nation’s independence. This is not a Satygraha, but a “Rahul Bachao Aandolan”.
I have no doubt in my mind that both Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi will pin the accusations of the corruption on other Congress leaders like Motilal Vora and Oscar Fernandes. Unfortunately, both are not alive to defend themselves. I am not certain if they were alive, they would have defended themselves or taken the fall for the accusations put on Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi. Because they level of sycophancy in the Congress is reminiscent of slavery. Congress leaders behave like slaves of the Nehru-family.
One of the panellists on a TV debate from the Congress had the blind obsession with the Nehru-family to tell me that Rahul Gandhi is Rajiv Gandhi. He went on to state that Rajiv Gandhi sacrificed his life for the country. Let’s be clear about one truth, Rajiv Gandhi did not sacrifice his life for India wilfully, he was a victim of a terror and assassination attack. Along with Rajiv Gandhi, several innocent Indians also died.
Second most important absurdity in the comment of the Congress supporter on the Janata Ka Mukadama debate with Pradeep Bhandari on India News is that just because Rahul Gandhi is Rajiv Gandhi’s son does that make him above the law of India. Rahul Gandhi is a Member of Parliament. He is in that position not because of merit, but because of a family legacy. A common man selling Ross Omelette on a roadside cart in Goa has more respectability in my eyes than Rahul Gandhi because he works hard for his living.
The person who goes into a sewage pipeline in my eyes is more worthy than Rahul Gandhi because he cares enough for the people and his family to enter a pile of human waste to clean it. Who is Rahul Gandhi? Rahul Gandhi is a nobody. He is a representation of the sickness that India used to have and now with Prime Minister Modi, it is slowly getting cured. There is no meritorious act to Rahul Gandhi, he prefers to belittle India at every opportunity he gets internationally. There is no truth to Rahul Gandhi;; even his citizenship reportedly is in question. There is no honesty to Rahul Gandhi; that is why till date, he has not made public the 2008 MoU signed with the International Liaison Department of the Communist Party of China, reportedly a foreign cover intelligence agency. Rahul Gandhi is political aristocracy with no merit and the sycophants around him are like loyal dogs, jumping around, waging their tails in the hope of getting a doggie biscuit.
The “Rahul Bachao Aandolan” is turning out to be a rib-tickling comedy of the year. Some people protesting do not even know what the reasons for the protest are, as exposed by Republic TV.
Some Congress leaders and former ministers like Renuka Chowdhary think they are still in power; therefore, they can wilfully hold the collar of a police-officer in Hyderabad. In fact, one Congress leader put on a brave face in front of media, telling reporters that he would not relent in the protest even if the police were to get stern, but when the police decided to detain him, he ran away like a petrified chicken.
Congress was once a cornerstone of Indian politics. Unfortunately for the Congress and fortunately for India, Rahul Gandhi in his antics along with the sycophancy of the Congress leaders have smashed the Congress cornerstone into smithereens, making it lie as a rubble in the Indian political space.
Congress is desperate to be a political party of some consequence in India. Most Congress leaders know that the party is on its death bed and Rahul Gandhi continues to poison it with his stupidity, but they cannot say anything to him because then they would make an enemy of Sonia Gandhi; and Sonia Gandhi is not an enemy any political leader in India would like to have.
Sonia Gandhi, too, will be called in for questioning by the ED. The protest of the Congress will intensify. The Congress leaders will need to prove their loyalty to Sonia Gandhi and her family. They will come out across the country. They will ensure that the protests continue and that there will be some violence, which is second nature to the party. Congress needs to be in news to stay relevant. They need to show that they have a spine to take on BJP, though their spine is not in firm shape.
The Rahul Bachao Aandolan will be a comedy for the people of India, but it will become a tragedy for the Congress in the days to come. I am no judge but I am certain this case is the waterloo of Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi; ED must persist without fear or political pressure. If ED fails in its investigations, then it will give the Nehru-family an opportunity to rise up and BJP will be cornered. Congress leaders terming ED and CBI are puppets of the BJP is funny because Supreme Court in 2013 termed CBI as a “caged parrot” during the UPA regime. Congress led the UPA government.
If Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi are innocent of the accusations, there would be nothing to fear. All they needed to do was cooperate with the investigations. The protest drama indicates that Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi and their team know that this could be the case that will lead to a noose being tied around their political ambitions.
Rahul Gandhi is trying to do an Indira Gandhi stunt of 1977, but Rahul Gandhi is not an Indira Gandhi because he does not command much respect from most Indians; only his loyalists who are fed gold biscuits made out of potatoes with a special sauce from Jupiter.

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